Insert token

By Andy Bauch X Cosigned

Limited Edition of 50

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Lego art


with NFT


A clue has been encoded into each artwork. Help solve the puzzle for a chance to win a share of the prize. Details below!

Purchase includes:
  • 15”x15” lego artwork
  • 2235 bricks
  • NFT proof of authenticity
  • Private Discord access for NFT owners
  • Participants who solve the puzzle receive an equal share of the prize
  • Wall mount included
See the FAQ section to learn more.


$8,000 USDC

was won by the players of the game on








  1. Purchase the Insert Token artwork
  2. Join the project's Discord channel to be eligible for prizes
  3. Build the artwork and work with other participants to solve the puzzle
  4. Enter the correct codes on the Hall of Fame page to win
  5. If the group is successful, they each receive an equal share of the prize
  6. The prize starts at $32,000 USDC and halves each week until reaching a floor of $8,000 USDC


Andy Bauch's dynamic LEGO art and other works beckon viewers to question the ever-magnifying pull of the digital world on the physical. Bauch selected LEGO bricks, an eye-catching and familiar childhood hallmark, as his medium of choice to echo the pixelated nature of digitization. Bauch's work reflects the physical manifestation of the abstract threat of technological singularity.


Sometimes you have to destroy to rebuild. A few bad actors recently brought down the crypto industry, laying waste to its credibility along the way. They're being rooted out now. So do you quit, or continue playing? At its core, Insert Token is a mixed media artwork (lego wall art, NFT, and social game) about choosing optimism. Because ultimately, that choice is yours.

If you muster the courage to play on, just remember that value creation comes from the will and effort of an entire community. Our collaboration with Andy Bauch reflects that. A puzzle has been encoded into the artworks, and the only way to solve it is by working together. If you do that before time runs out, you get the chance to share a prize of up to $32,000 in USDC.

It will take time to build the lego artwork, brick by brick, come together as a group, and crack the code. Just like it takes time to see and understand the value of new things. When you view the assembled artwork from up close, you'll see a pseudorandom pattern, like a splash of pixelated paint. But take a few steps back and watch an image take focus. With more time and distance, it sharpens further. Like most disruptive things, the big picture gets clearer when you take the long view.


LEGO® is a registered trademark of The Lego Group. The contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by The Lego Group.

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